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Best OnePlus 5T Cases and Back Covers

OnePlus 5T Flip Cover
OnePlus 5T Flip Cover

OnePlus has upgraded its OnePlus 5 and launched OnePlus 5T. The new phone comes with trendy 18:9 display, improved low-light camera and Face Unlock feature. The new phone costs Rs. 32999 for 6 GB RAM variant and Rs. 37999 for 8 GB RAM variant. The phone costs high, so you should not ignore its protection. If you are thinking to buy this phone, you should also think of buying a good case or back cover for your phone.

In this article, I am listing few OnePlus 5T cases and covers to keep it safe from accidental falls. Check this list and buy one that suits you.

OnePlus 5T Cases and Covers

1. OnePlus 5T Protective Case Sandstone

OnePlus 5T Protective Case Sandstone

This is official OnePlus 5T cover listed on the OnePlus store. It has a sandstone texture at the back to offer a decent look. It protects your phone from the front and rear. It has raised edges to keep your camera and display safe from accidental drops.

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2. OnePlus 5T Case – Carbon Fibre Brushed Texture Case

Carbon Fibre Brushed Texture

This is the third-party case for OnePlus 5T. It is a shock resistant case made with high-quality eco-friendly materials. It has proper holes and cut-outs for sensors and camera.

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3. OnePlus 5T Flip Cover

OnePlus 5T Flip Cover

It is a premium back cover to offer stylish look and premium protection. If you like flip covers, this is for you. If you open the cover, it automatically wakes your phone and flipping over will instantly lock the screen. It uses high-quality PU leather and can also hold a bunch of your cards.

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4. TopACE OnePlus 5T Ultra-thin Clear Case

TopACE OnePlus 5T Ultra-thin Clear Case

TopAce is a known company for cases. It also sells protective cases for OnePlus 5T. This one is an ultra-thin transparent case. It offers better grip and protection to your OnePlus 5T.

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5. Annure Premium Shockproof Back Cover

Annure Premium Shockproof Back Cover

This is a good shock resistant back cover with smooth Silk Brushed texture and glossy accents. It is easy to install and remove. It is washable as well.

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6. OnePlus 5 Karbon Bumper Case

OnePlus 5 Karbon Bumper Case

This is a premium case crafted from DuPont Kevlar fiber and premium rubber. It looks beautiful and also protects your phone. It is designed to protect the front and rear of your phone. With raised edges, it offers drop protection.

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