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5 Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors in India

240Hz gaming monitor
240Hz gaming monitor


Gamers always look for monitors with a high refresh rate. While 144Hz monitors are most common, gamers who can spend money are now buying 240Hz monitors. A higher refresh rate is more important in gaming than high resolution. That’s the reason most gamers who are into first-person shooting games prefer 144Hz or 240Hz gaming monitors. 240Hz monitors offer better responsiveness and more fluid gaming experience. You will also have a slightly better reaction time that gives an extra edge in competitive multiplayer gaming.

If you are still not sure what the refresh rate is, it tells how many times the screen refreshes in a second or how many FPS can be displayed by a monitor. It is also worth noting that higher frame rates are harder for the human eye to notice. It is relatively easy to tell the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS, but really difficult to differentiate between 144 and 240 FPS. That’s the reason I recommend people to keep using 144Hz monitors until you have enough money to throw on a 240Hz monitor.

Before you go and buy a monitor with a high refresh rate, you should also check if the graphics card in your system can push such a high framerate on games you play. If you have a 240Hz gaming monitor but your graphics card can only offer 100-120 FPS on your favorite game, there’s no benefit of having a high refresh rate monitor. Any mid-range GPU can offer 160-240 FPS on eSports games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant on medium graphics settings. But AAA titles demand high-end GPUs.

If you are decided to spend money on a 240Hz gaming monitor and you are sure that our GPU can offer such high FPS on games you mostly play, here is the list of best 240Hz monitors you can buy.

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Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors

Here is the list of best 240Hz gaming monitors available in India. If you are looking for gaming monitors with a 240Hz refresh rate, check this list and get one for you.

240Hz Gaming MonitorPriceBuy Here
ASUS ROG STRIX XG248QRs. 38999Buy Here
LG UltragearRs. 35900Buy Here
Alienware 240Hz gaming monitorRs. 42245Buy Here
ViewSonic XG2530Rs. 33680Buy Here
BenQ ZowieRs. 35999Buy Here



ASUS ROG STRIX XG248Q is the best 240Hz gaming monitor offering good display for gamers. This monitor comes with a Full HD panel with a native 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It is also G-SYNC Compatible to deliver tear-free gaming experience. This monitor also eaters ASUS Aura Sync lighting on the back that makes it look better. It features Asus Eye Care technology that promises reduced eyestrain and it is also TUV Rhineland-certified.

You get DisplayPort 1.2, Dual HDMI 2.0, and USB 3.0 connectivity. This monitor is VESA wall-mountable and has a stand with full tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment

Price: Rs. 38999

Buy Here: Amazon

2. LG Ultragear 27-inch 240Hz gaming monitor

LG Ultragear

LG Ultragear is another 240Hz gaming monitor in this list offering G-Sync compatibility. But the 27-inch screen size may not be ideal for many people. This monitor offers a 27-inch Full HD TN panel. It has 1MS MBR Response Time and 240 Hz Refresh Rate. The display panel offers good colors and G-Sync makes sure there is no screen tearing.

The monitor is adjustable and you can also use it vertically if you want. It has 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display port, Headphone Out, 3xUSB 3.0 ports. It has adjustable height and comes with Swivel and Pivot Stand

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Alienware 25-inch 240Hz gaming monitor

Alienware 25-inch 240Hz gaming monitor

Alienware 240Hz gaming monitor is also a high rated gaming monitor for gamers. The only issue is that the price is a bit high as compared to other monitors offering similar features. The monitor comes with a 25-inch Full HD IPS panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It also supports AMD Free Sync to avoid screen tearing. There’s also a variant of this gaming monitor with G-Sync but I couldn’t find it on any online retailer.

It has a premium build and adjustable design. You can easily find an ideal viewing position with tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustment. There are multiple connectivity options. It has 2 HDMI ports, USB port, Headphone jack, 3x USB 3.0 Port, and Display port.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. ViewSonic XG2530 gaming monitor

ViewSonic XG2530

ViewSonic XG2530 is also one of the best 240Hz gaming monitors available. It comes with a 24.5-inch Full HD display panel with blazing-fast 1ms response time. It also has ColorX gaming mode to deliver optimum speed and visuals ideal. There are several visual modes for any FPS, RTS, or MOBA gaming. It also supports AMD FreeSync Technology to ensure tear-free gaming. Even if the monitor can offer a 240Hz refresh rate, you can use the monitor Hz cap to select the desired refresh rate to decrease power and loading from your gaming card.

The monitor also comes with a Black Stabilization feature that promises to offer heightened visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes. It will enhance the visibility even in the darkest scenes of a video game.

It has a fully adjustable ergonomic stand. So, you do swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment. There are DisplayPort and HDMI inputs to give you freedom and flexibility to connect to your dedicated graphics card and console.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. BenQ Zowie 240Hz gaming monitor

BenQ Zowie 240Hz gaming monitor

BenQ Zowie is available in different screen sizes but the model I am listing here comes with a 24.5-inch display panel. This is an FHD gaming monitor offering a 240Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time to eliminate ghosting and lag. It also boasts Dynamic Accuracy (DyAC) technology that promises to maintain clarity during in-game movements for a smoother experience. It reduces screen vibrations and provides accuracy in targeting while the enemy is in motion.

The gaming monitor has several connectivity options such as DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI, and Headphone/Microphone Jack input. This monitor also comes with a removable shield, so you can focus on the game by blowing the distractions. It also has tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments with VESA Compatibility to get the monitor at the desired position and angle as per your comfort level.

The only drawback of this monitor is the lack of FreeSync or G-Sync. So, the screen suffers tear sometimes.

Price: Rs. 35999

Buy Here: Amazon

If you want a 27-inch monitor, BenQ Zowie is also available with a 240Hz 27-inch display panel. You can buy this model using this link.