5 Best Reminder Apps for Android

reminder apps
reminder apps

There could be several reasons why you miss so many work. I personally forget so many things to do at scheduled time. This is the reason, there are several reminder apps to remind you your tasks before scheduled time. SO, you do not miss any. On Android, there are so many reminders apps to try.

If you do not want to use any third-parry app, you can always use Google Assistant to set reminders and it will remind you at specified time. But managing all the reminders is not as easy because you will have to ask everything by voice commands. After missing several tasks, I have finally started asking Assistant to remind me about several things. But that just show a notification and you could miss it. So, having a dedicated reminder app is a good idea.

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If you want a dedicated app, here is the list of best Reminder Apps for Android.

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Best Reminder Apps for Android

1. Any.do


Any.do is the best To-Do List app where you can set your tasks and assign a time. The app will remind you. You can set small tasks like paying bills, ordering groceries and grab milk from store. It will make your work easier with available customisation option. It also syncs your list between devices. You can also set reminders based on both time and location. So, you can set a reminder for a specific time if you are at a location.

The app also allows you create shared list if you have some tasks to do with friends.

You can always mark the completed task having passed by swiping from left to right like you do in with pen on paper. If you want to reopen a task you make finished, you can always make it active again.


2. Todoist

Todoist Reminder app

Todoist comes with an easy to sue interface and nice features to manage your todo list. The app is also available on other platforms including it s browser extension. So, you will receive cross platform notifications.

It uses Google account for sing in and then you can start creating your tasks and todo list. You can easily add labels for easy filters. You can also see statistics of number of tasks you have finished and pending tasks.

You can set tasks and it will remind you at the Tim. You can also set recurring due dates like “every second Monday.” It is free with an option to upgrade if you want more features.


3. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder is also a simple but good app to set reminders. It also supports Android smartwatch, so you can create reminders even without taking your phone out of your pocket. You can easily organise reminders and assign colors to easily differentiate them.

The app features a widget and calendar. You can quickly see all reminders just by Swipe down from the top of your phone’s display. You can also set repetitive reminders as well.

All created reminders splayed on the main screen and they are sorted by date. While creating a reminder, you can always specify the type like birthday or meeting. You can specify description, color, date time and even attach a contact or phone number if needed.


4. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best note taking apps where you can create and manage notes. The app allows you create list of tasks, add colors, photos, voice notes, audio notes and more. So, you can also create to-do list here and set a reminder.

Create a note, set description, add photo or audio if necessary, choose labels or colors and then set the reminders. If you were also looking for an app for keeping notes, this app is good to go with.


5. GTasks


GTasks is also one of the good todo list and task scheduler app for Android. It has lots of features to manage your task and supports cloud synchronization. It uses Google account and quickly access the data from Calendar and extract that. You can quick create tasks with dates and name. Then you can add descriptions and priority.

Users can later edit the name or change the priority. The app also supports voice input. There is also a paid version with no ads and some advance tools.

This is also a basic task management app with reminder option. If you are looking for a good reminder app, you can use GTasks as well.


Final Words

There are many other good reminder apps but I didn’t want to make a long list. It is because long lists always bring confusion. You can go with any of these reminder apps and these apps will start helping you in managing your tasks so that you never miss an important thing to do.