10 Best Measurement Apps for Android

Best Measurement Apps for Android

Your phone is not just for calling and entertainment, it comes with lots of apps to improve your productivity. There are lots of measurement apps to measure different things using your phone. There are apps to measure angles, distance, length, and more. In this article, I am listing some of the best measurement apps for Android. In case you were looking for a good measuring app for Android, check this list.

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Best Measurement Apps for Android

Here is the list of best measurement apps for Android. If you were looking for good measurement app to measure the height, or length of different objects, you can use any of these apps depending on your usage.

1. Angle Meter

Angle Meter: Angle Measurement app

Angle Meter is an interesting app that is used for measuring the angle or inclination of real-world surfaces. You can also measure the angle or slope of a surface relative to any other surface. It supports 2 orientation axes and you can also save recordings in the app to check them as lists or charts. There is also a protector that is useful to measure the angle by putting the phone on a flat surface. The app can also measure the angle of an object in a photo. The app is accurate and works really well. It has several tools including a ruler, protractor, laser level, and compass in one app to make it worth trying. If you want an app to measure angles, try this app. The app also includes a to-do list where you can make a list of pending tasks.


2. Ruler – Bubble Level – Angle Meter

Ruler - Bubble Level - Angle Meter

This is also a similar app that comes with several interesting too. It can measure length and angles. The app is accurate in doing what it claims and it is easy to use. There are 4 modes of measurement point, line, plane, and level. The app has Protractor, ruler, Orientation locking, and more. The app also includes a unit converter that lets you convert mm to inches, centimeters to inches, and more.


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3. Measure

Measure: Measurement app

Measure is a measurement app by Internet giant Google. This is an easy-to-use measurement app that you can use to measure the length and height of objects on flat surfaces like sofas, tables, and more. You can take a photo of your measurement and copy the measurement to the clipboard. The app also lets you quickly switch between imperial and metric units while using the measurement tool.


4. Smart Meter

Smart Meter

Smart Meter is an interesting app that you can use to measure height or distance of any object. The app is easy to use and works well. To measure your eight, open the app, stand up and aim your camera at the GROUND. Then press shutter. If the app measures distance or height wring, calibrate it using the given opeion. The app is free to download and there is also a paid version of the app with more features.


5. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure

If you want to measure longer distances using your phone, GPS Fields Area Measure is the app to use. The app uses the Google Maps distance feature and then combines it with its advanced processing to measure distances and areas. You just need to tap the distance, area, or point of interest mode for measurement. The app has a smart marker mode to accurately add pins. You can easily do distance or area marking. The app also generates a link to the measurement you do. So, you can share it with friends.


6. ARCore Ruler app

ARCore Ruler app: Measurement app for Android

ARCore Ruler app uses ARCore to work, so you need to first check if your device is compatible. This app uses augmented reality to measure the real-world objects using a smartphone camera. It lets you measure in different sizes including cm, m, ft, yd. You can also use it to measure distance, angle, area, and Perimeter.

The app can also measure the volume of 3D objects, paths, and height of objects. The app is accurate and works really good.


7. Ruler App

Ruler App Android

Ruler App brings a beautiful on-screen ruler to your Android phone or tablet. You can use the app’s multi-touch measuring system to find the sizes of different objects. You measure lengths in inches, centimeters, or millimeters depending on your choice. The app also keeps a history of your latest measurements. You can also copy the current measurement to the clipboard and paste it in another app.


8. ImageMeter

ImageMeter: measurement app Android

ImageMeter is also a good measuring app that lets you measure lengths, angles, and areas of objects in photos. You can simply take a photo and annotate them with dimensions on your phone. Then you can use the ImageMeter app for measurement. The app also supports laser distance measurement devices.

You can use the app to measure lengths, angles, circles, or heights. The app also lets you export the measurement to PDF, JPEG, and PNG. This is also a good measurement application for Android.


9. Color Grab

Color Grab: Android measurement app

Color Grab is for identifying color. It grabs the hex code of the color for you. The app is really easy to use. You just need to point the camera to an object and make sure the dot is at the point whose color you want to know. The app will instantly recognize the color and gives you the name with the hex code. The app is free with ads. When you are using the app, make sure there is proper light others may give the wrong result.


10. Sound Meter

Sound Meter: Android measurement app

Sound Meter is a sound measurement app that can measure the decibel values or surrounding noise. It also displays min, avg, and max decibel values along with a decibel by graph line. The only issue with the app is that it is dependent on your phone’s microphone. So, the maximum values are limited by the device because most Android phones are aligned to the human voice. So, it may not accurately measure very loud sounds.


Wrap Up

I hope you will find a good measurement application for Android if you were looking for one. This list included all good measurement apps available for Android devices. You can use these apps to measure length, height, width, distance or area depending on your choice. Each app listed here is unique and works well. So, you should try it all.

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