Top 5 Download Manager Apps For Android

Download Manager Apps For Android
Download Manager Apps For Android

We daily download various kind of files from Internet. But Android only lets you download files. It does not have anything to manage your downloaded files, resume downloads or any other feature. But there are various nice download manager apps for Android devices which let you manage your downloads on Android smartphone or tablet. These download manager lets you manage your download, pause/ resume downloads and many other things. In this post, we are listing top 5 download manager apps for Android devices.

Best File Download Manager Apps For Android

1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager Android app

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Advanced Download Manager is a powerful download manager Android app which helps you in managing downloads in your Android device. It can help you in boosting downloads by allowing up to 3 parallel downloads. It also use multithreading with 9 parallel threads to improve download speed. It also supports resume for interrupted downloads. So, you can download large files without thinking twice.

It supports major browsers and even comes with a built-in browser called ADM. This browser supports multiple tabs and provides advanced media download capabilities. It has clean Interface and allows you choose from several different download folders depending on file type. It also supports larger files for download.

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2. Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android

Download manager for Android is another nice download manager app for Android devices. It supports video download and other known filetypes. It can even downloads videos from Facebook and other websites. It also improves download speed up to 3 times. It also has the ability to spoof browser’s User Agent string. It also supports HTTP authentication to download files behind login.

It also works with all popular Android browsers. The app even allows you to pause or resume any download. It also shows downloading progress bar with speed. You can set downloaded music as ringtone or downloaded image as wallpaper, lock screen, contact avatar, Whats App avatar.


3. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is a reliable download manager app for Android. Even if you have low bandwidth, it works good. It works fine with most of the browsers available for Android. It can boost your download speed by using multiple connections. It can run up to 10 multiple threads for faster download.

You can pause or resume download anytime depending on your choice. It also allows you to download files directly to your SD card. You can access up to three parallel downloads. It also uses MD5 hash validation to make sure your files are not corrupted.


4. Download Blazer

Download Blazer

Download Blazer android app offers blazing fast downloads. This is ad-supported app but you can buy app to avoid ads. It lets you organize your downloads in queue, pause/ resume downloads, resume disconnected downloads and download almost all kind of file formats. But it cannot download videos from YouTube due to Google’s restriction. It supports most of the popular browsers for offering easy download management.


5. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is also a good won load manger app for Android. It offers nice features like built-in browser with multiple tabs, auto-resume capability of interrupted downloads , download to the SD card and more. It can auto-catch downloadable links wherever you copy it to clipboard or open the download link.

Not just managing your downloads, it can also offer download speed booster. It also allows you to keep backup of your downloaded data if you want. The app is available in several languages as well.


6. Download All Files

Download All Files

Download All Files Android app lets you download all kind of files on your smartphone. You can also download files for which you receive “Content not support” error message. Free app is ad-supported but you can buy pro version to avoid ads. It allows you to Prioritize your downloads with download queue, Increased download speed, Continue disconnected downloads and Pause/resume your downloads. It also lets you save files to SD card..


7. Loader Droid download manager

Loader Droid download manager

Loader Droid download manager is another good download file manager app for Android. It also offers all those features which you wish yo have in your download manager app. It supports resume, pause and other features. It also faster downloading by splitting the download into parts. You can try this app. It intercepts links from your Android Browser and other applications. When connection is lost, it automatically pauses the download and resumes it when connection is back. It also offers download scheduling.


Final Words

This is the list of best download manager apps for Android. These Android download manager apps not just offer easy download files management, but you can also boost download speed and save your time. You can go with any of these given apps.

If you know any other good download manager app, you can always leave the link in the comments section below.