10 Best Compass Apps for Android and iOS

best compass app for android and ios
best compass app for android and ios


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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘COMPASS’? Probably 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered North America or an adventure movie where the hero used a compass.

The first compasses were invented as a device for divination as early as the Chinese Han Dynasty. The compass was used in the military for navigational orienteering by 1040–44 and was used for maritime navigation by 1111 to 1117. Now, the reason I told you all this history was to make you understand the importance of a compass to mankind. As a matter of fact, it has changed the world. It was an extremely powerful invention that helped make bigger discoveries about magnetism and the earth’s poles.

All this history might seem irrelevant to you because compasses have now become outdated, so let’s cut to the point. With the growth in technology, compasses have developed from a simple magnetic needle to liquid-filled magnetized capsules, and now, you can even have the convenience of a compass on your phone.

Many smartphones come with a magnetometer sensor that is used to measure the strength and direction of magnetic fields. The compass app works on this sensor. The magnetometer sensor measures the Earth’s magnetic field and the compass app combines this information with an accelerator inside the smartphone. Make sure your device has an accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor to use compass app.

NOTE: The accuracy of the compass app may interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference. Therefore, before using it, be sure to stay away from any magnetic objects like another electronic device, battery, magnet, etc.

Best Compass Apps for Android and iOS

So, here we have for you the best compass apps for Android and iOS devices. If you were looking for one, you can download any of these compass apps on your smartphone.

1. Altimeter GPS Pro

Best Compass Apps

This application is one of the most efficient applications of all time. It does just about anything you could ever need a navigation app to do and probably a lot more. One of the most interesting features of this application is the variety of maps available to use with the compass. Be it standard topo maps, aerial photography or hybrid maps they have it all. It will show your altitude and can even show your estimated GPS accuracy so you know if you may be getting a little lost.  It includes distance, direction, time traveled and speed information in its basic navigation mode. Even though it might be a bit complicated for beginners at the start, this application has various useful features and provides very accurate information. Oh and guess what? IT IS FREE!!

Download for Android  |  iOS

2. Digital Compass by Axiomatic Inc.

The digital compass by Axiomatic Inc. is a high-precision digital app that has features like Latitude, longitude and address, Full-screen map, True heading, and magnetic heading, Magnetic strength, Slope level meter, and Sensor status. The company suggests that do not use the app with magnetic covers.

Download: Android

3. Just a Compass

Just a compass is a simple and easy-to-use compass app that is free to use and has no ads. It is used to retrieve useful information about your current position. It displays Sunrise & Sunset time, has various skins and color themes (including high contrast). The EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) is used in this app as the geoid reference to compute true altitude above sea level from data collected by the GPS sensor and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) is used as a system for assigning coordinates to locations on the surface of the Earth.

Download: Android

4. Digital Field Compass:

digital compass for android : Best Compass Apps

For all those who are looking for something simple yet very powerful, then this is the best application for you. Why make things complicated when you can take the easier route, right? This application is not as fancy as the previous one, but it sure will provide you with the most useful features. It does not have maps or fancy backgrounds but it does have a brilliant nighttime mode to preserve your night vision. The Digital Field Compass has a manual declination setting and can tell if you are having magnetic meddling. This is about the best digital orienteering compass on out there but it doesn’t stop at land navigation. It has settings for pitch and roll that make it a solid maritime compass as well. However, this free application is only available for Android devices.

Download for Android

5. Smart Compass:

smart compass : Best Compass Apps

Presenting to all the Apple users out there: SMART COMPASS. This app is one of the best compass apps you would find on the app store under this category. It is easy to use and provides the most powerful features for a compass in a much more simplified format. Interestingly, it can use your phone’s camera to show exact bearing to a location you point it at.

With the support of Google maps, this application helps you give a basic idea of the direction to the place you are heading to. It gives you all the bearing information, coordinates, and speed like all the other compasses, but a small payment gets you a metal detector and the ability to share your information; otherwise, it is free to use. All in all, this is a solid app for navigation.

Download Now: iOS | Android

6. Compass 360 Pro

compass 360 pro : Best Compass Apps

This free compass app is something one should look forward to. It has so many fancy features that make it stand out in the crowd. Nothing is comparable to the ease in use and functionality of the Compass 360 Pro. What makes this app special is that it has a true global compass that works around the world, unlike some other compasses that are good only in a particular hemisphere.

The degrees are given in decimal format and its overall working makes it easier to understand for a person with less navigation knowledge. As the compass switches from one bearing to another bearing, the movement is smooth and has got a professional clean look.

Download for: Android | iOS

7. 3D Compass Plus

3d compass app : Best Compass Apps

Here is something entirely different for all of you out there. A compass doesn’t necessarily need to be all serious, and it can have a fun side to it. This is exactly when this application steps in. The augmented reality, yes you heard it right, mode uses the phone’s camera to show a 3D compass, map, coordinates and speed all at once. It is a great tool for those who are interested in orienteering, and it is by far best used for educational purposes. Set it up and get walking. Use it as a tool or for recreation. Anything you do with it will be exciting.

Download Now: iOS | Android

8. Gyro Compass

gyro compass app: Best Compass Apps

Looks-wise, this application resembles and functions identically to a real-world compass. So, you can call it the most realistic compass out there.  It is undoubtedly the best-emulated compass with extensive features and is immensely powerful as a classic compass.  It even displays magnetic strength so you can be sure of an accurate reading. It has a slope indicator just like some of the best standard compasses on the market and a bezel that can be rotated and used just like a real physical compass.

Download Now: iOS | Android

9. Compass Galaxy by Szymon Dyja

This compass galaxy app designed by Szymon Dyja has a very simple interface. It can work without unnecessary permissions. You will definitely love it after using it.

Download: Android

10. Digital Compass by KTW Apps

Digital Compass KTW Apps is compass tool for any outdoor activities that allows you to find the direction. It is build by using the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, gravity of the device. It displays the current location with longitude, latitude, address. The company claims that it is very beneficiary than the pre-installed app in devices.

Download: Android

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Now you have a list of the best compass apps for Android and iOS. With all these choices, you can see what suits you the best and get out and use it.