5 Best AI image upscaler tools

AI image upscaler online tools

Now when people have access to smartphones with good cameras, everyone captures a lot of photos and shares them on social media. In the past, we used to have VGA cameras on smartphones. With time, smartphone companies have started improving cameras. Now if you look at a photo captured using a smartphone in 2011, it will be low in resolution. What if you want to improve photo quality? There are several AI image upscaler tools that use Artificial Intelligence to increase the resolution of images and enhance the quality. In this article, I am making a list of the best AI image upscaler tools that promise to upscale images and increase their quality.

Best AI image upscalers

1. Upscaler by stock photos

Upscaler is an online AI image upscaler that promises to increase the resolution of your photos and enhance their quality. This AI image upscale can scale a photo to 2x, 4X, and 8X depending on your need. In the free version, it just does 2x scaling. You need to become a premium member to enjoy other features such s up to 8x scaling and image enhancements such as High Fidelity. This tool works best if you use paid features.

AI Image Upscaler

I tried this tool and found mixed results. If the Image has a very low resolution (less than 350×350 px), the results are not impressive. But images with around 650x650px resolution give good results. You can upload an image of up to 5MB in size and it supports all formats including JPG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP files.

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2. Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler is another good online tool that enhances photo resolution with AI and primacies to keep the quality. It uses AI to enlarge and enhance images. Smart Upscaler uses AI that has been trained using an initial dataset consisting of 5 million images and claims to offer good results. This website also claims that they securely upload images on its server and keeps data private.

Smart Upscaler

This online image enhancement tool offers several prepaid packages. You select the package as per your need. In the free version, you get a watermark on your photos. You can upload an image of up to 5MB in size and images can be upscaled up to 7680x7680px. It also supports batch processing.

Smart Upscaler also offers API access for developers who want to integrate the power of Smart Upscaler into their applications.

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3. Vance AI Image Enlarger

Vance AI Image Enlarger is also a similar AI tool that promises to offer lossless AI upscaling. It boasts to upscale images up to 800% instantly using AI. The tool automatically enlarges images. It also deletes all the images from the server after 24 hours. So, your data remain private.

Vance AI Image Enlarger

You can upload images of up to 5MB in size and 2.8 Megapixels. It supports JPG, PNG, or JPEG formats. Soon after your upload the image, it asks you to select an AI model and other things. After this, click Start to Process. You need credits to use this tool. There is also no free trial.

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4. Gigapixel AI

Gigapixel AI is also a good AI image upscale that delivers good detail and up to 600% better resolution. This AI tool uses deep learning to make a better-quality photo by enhancing details. This tool claims that it upscales images the way that it feels like the photo was captured using a higher quality camera. The company has trained its AI model by using an array of millions of images. It also removes noise and blur from photos to make them better.

This is not an online tool. It offers a Photoshop plugin that you need to download on your system. It is available for both macOS and Windows. You can buy it once and then use it forever. It asks for. $99.99 one-time payment.


5. Upscale by PixelBin.io

This is another free online image upscale where you can upload an image and get a better resolution version without a loss in quality. It lets you upscale and enhances your images up to 4x without losing any details. It uses powerful AI technology in the upscaling process and advanced computer vision algorithms to increase resolution.

Upscale by PixelBin.io

You can upload PNG, JPEG, JPG, or WebP images or up to 1,500 x 1,500 px resolution. This online image upscaler also has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The free version lets you upscale 50 images and you get up to 25GB of storage. If you want more image processing, you can get a premium subscription for more storage and limits. If you want bulk processing, it is only available in the paid plans.

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