7 Best Websites to play puzzles online

There are many websites on the World Wide Web. Some of them are related to education, job search, technology news, and more. There are websites for every category. So, there are also websites to play puzzles. Yes, you can play puzzles online and train your brain. Nowadays we see many people playing puzzles online. This has another advantage of connecting people all over the world. You can play with world players and challenge them. So, we are here to list down the 5 best websites to play puzzles online which helps you to be active.

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Best Websites to play puzzles online

1. Crazygames.com

Crazygames.com: Play puzzle online

Crazygames.com is an online platform where you can enjoy different games across categories. This website also has a puzzle section where you can play thousands of interesting puzzle games including cards, words, logic, and math. These puzzle games will test your memory, pattern recognition, or logical skills.

Visit: Crazygames.com

2. JSPuzzles.com

JSPuzzles.com online website

This website gives you puzzles in terms of riddles. JSPuzzles allows you to select the category related to nature, animals, art, and many more. One of the categories shows an image and pieces of that image. You are supposed to put all those pieces together to form the image as shown. You can select the image and also a number of pieces needed to form that image. If you are fresher in playing such puzzles, then I would suggest you choose less number of pieces and later on increase the number. This would definitely make you a good logical thinker and would keep your brain active all the time. You are also shown the best time of completing the puzzle. When you complete the puzzle before the best time, it gets replaced with the latest best time.

Visit: JSPuzzles

3. JigZone.com

JigZone.com online website

This website gives you the best and most logical fun while playing puzzles. This looks similar to JSPuzzles.com, but had many features when compared to it. JigZone.com also asks you to select an image and the number of pieces to use to form that image. Pieces count varies from 6 to 247. This allows you to share the score to social networking websites. You can even challenge world players by selecting an image and asking them to solve that image. It also provides the option to upload your image and ask your friends to solve that puzzle. So, visit the website and have fun!

Visit: JigZone.com

4. BestforPuzzles.com:

BestforPuzzles.org online website

If you are a crossword lover, then BestforPuzzles.com would be the best website to visit. It allows you to play puzzles regarding crosswords, anagrams, Sudoku, and many more. Just you need to navigate to every category to get all details of the puzzles. If you are facing any problem in selecting the puzzle, then the website provides you the “Help” section. You need to have Java installed on your device to play puzzles on this website. So, install it and start playing.

Visit: BestforPuzzles.com

5. MyPuzzle.org:

MyPuzzle.org online website

MyPuzzle.org allows you to play puzzles in various categories. It has puzzles based on anagrams, Sudoku, sliding puzzles, Jigsaw, and more. You can even play Sheep Game which is famous in iPad. If you are fond of playing bricks breaking and Bubble shooters, then you need to visit this website and hope you will earn more points.

Visit: MyPuzzle.org

6. jigsawplanet

Puzzles.com online website

Jigsawplanet is a good website that hosts thousands of puzzle games. You can visit this website and solve different puzzles to pass your time. You can create, play, share jigsaw puzzles and compete with other users.

Visit: Jigsawplanet

7. Mindgames.com

Mindgames.com: Puzzle games online

Mindgames.com is also a popular online gaming website that hosts several puzzle games, word games, brain games, and more. You can visit this website and play its large collection of puzzle games.

Visit: Mindgames.com

These are the best websites for playing puzzles online. Apart from challenging world players, you can train your brain. By visiting them, you will be amazed how time has passed away. If you want to learn with fun, then it is advisable to visit these websites.

Do puzzles improve IQ?

Playing puzzles can improve your short-term memory and improves IQ level

What is the best puzzle website?

Crazygames.com hosts lots of puzzle games. I think this is the best puzzle website.

Where can I find free puzzles?

Where can I find free puzCrazygames.com, JSPuzzles.com, and JigZone.com are there good websites to play free puzzles?

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