11 Websites to Learn Anything Online for Free


Internet is the big source of knowledge. We can get information of anything online. So, if you want to learn something but do not want to join any institute or university, you can use Internet to learn the things. Not only topics, you can join big courses online to learn. In this post, We are listing 11 best websites which offer best educational material for free. You can use these website to start your online study.

Learn Online for Free

11 Websites to Learn Anything Online for Free

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular places to learn online. It has more than 3,000 video tutorials of most of the topics. Detailed courses are broken into video and text tutorials so that any one can easily understand the topics. If you are thinking to start self-learning, it can be a nice place. In case you have any thing to ask, you can leave the comment below tutorial on website to get your problem solved.

2. MIT Open Courseware

If you like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and always wanted to join it, you can join its courses for free from your home. It has MIT Open Courseware website with course material from a wide range of classes. Selecting a course will give you access to syllabus, assignments and study materials. You can also download course materials to your system.

3. Open Education Database

Open Education Database is a well designed online place with 10,000 courses from universities online. Search any topic and you will get many courses with audio, video and text lessons. You can learn whatever you want.

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4. Open Learning Institute

Open Learning Institute is another big place to learn online. It comes with handful course materials so that you can learn from your place for free. Sometimes, instructor led courses are also available. It is managed by popular Carnegie Mellon University.

5. Coursera

Coursera is another cool website to lean online. It also contains more than 400 courses related to various topics. It includes video tutorials and quizzes. Courses are also monitored by professors. Search for any topic you want to learn and add to watch list. You will receive notification when a new class will begins.

6. Wikiversity

If you prefer reading, Wikiversity can be a best learning place for you online. This website is the part of Wikimedia foundation, company behind Wikipedia. It has detailed pages on a variety of subjects. So, you can search any topic and start learning. Like other wiki projects, it is also open-source.

7. Project Gutenberg

If you prefer reading books, you can access more than 4,200 ebooks on Project Gutenberg for free. You will find books related to what ever you want. All books are free to download or read online.

8. The Free Library

The Free Library is another big website of free books and articles. This website boasts to have more than 21 million articles and books available for free. You can access newspaper, magazines, journal articles (from 1984 to present). If you are going to start a research work, this website can be useful for you. You can search by keywords, topics or author.

9. Udacity

Udacity is another nice online learning website. It has video courses related to math, computer science, business, physics and psychology. Website is easy to navigate, so you can find your tutorials easily. You can start your learning online with this.

10. YouTube

YouTube is also a big source of educational videos. There are many YouTube channels which offer free video tutorials related to any topic you want. Search topics and try to find which YouTube Channel is offering videos related to topic you are searching.

11. Google

You can even use Google to search tutorials of any topic you want. Start searching in Google and see search results. In few minutes, you will surely land on a website containing the full details of topic you are looking for. There are many bloggers who share quality knowledge. You can follow the blogs to get daily tutorials in your email inbox.

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