Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ Review

Laser Egg+ Review

Pollution is one of the biggest problems the majority of people living in Indian metro cities are facing. We have been seeing Delhi people struggling during winters for the past 4-5 years. Even this year was no different and we saw smog covered Delhi soon after Diwali. During high pollution time, people avoid going outside and try to remain indoors as much as possible. But this won’t help much because indoor air is also polluted. Indoor pollution can also result in ill health effects. This is why Air Quality Monitors are also important. Air Quality Monitoring device tells you the quality of indoor air.

Primary pollutants that affect the air quality are PM 2.5 and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds). TVOC pollutants are emitted from different products like cosmetics, paints, wax, and others. So, it is really important to monitor Indoor air and take necessary steps if you find poor quality air.

Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ is an air quality monitor that monitors both PM 2.5 and TVOCs. It is priced at Rs. 12995 on India and is available from Amazon. I have been using Laser Egg 2+ for the past few days and here is my review of Laser Egg 2+.

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Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ Review

Laser Egg 2+ is a smart Air Quality monitor. It comes with a sleek bell-shaped design and looks beautiful. You can put it anywhere in your room. The circular face has a diameter of 4-inches and is about 3.5 inches deep. At the back, it also has a micro USB port to charge it. The company provided a long Micro-USB-to-USB cable. There’s also vents at the back and a small fan inside to suck air from room to measure pollutants.

The device has a 2.6-inch full-color LCD display to show AQI, PM 2.5, TVOC, indoor temperature, and humidity. The display is bright enough, so you can check what’s on it even from a distance.

At the top side, it has two buttons. One is to turn it ON or OFF. The second button is to cycle through the different values to check AQI, Pm2.5, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity, and weather information. It shows the three-day weather forecast.

The only drawback is that it has a max PM2.5 limit 500. In Cities like Delhi, PM2.5 goes much higher than 500. I tested it in Delhi and sometimes I saw a PM2.5 level of more than 450. It could cross 500 any day but this monitor won’t be showing that. But that shouldn’t be an issue because 150+ is also dangerous. So, buy an Air Purifier if you see indoor air crossing 150 marks.

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It is a smart Air Quality Monitoring device that can be paired with the Kaiterra app. It features Wi-Fi connectivity and you need to connect it both mobile and air quality monitor to W-Fi. The app requires a one-time set up before you use both together. This helps you to understand the air quality outside. It also shows you indoor air quality along with historical data for both indoor air quality and outdoor air quality.

The app lets you select the area you are living and it will start showing your AQI data of that location. It shows detailed data including levels of PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and O3. You also get historical data to understand the air quality of the area you are living.

Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+

Laser Egg 2+ is compatible with HomeKit and supports Siri’s voice commands. You can ask Siri to check the room’s air quality. If you have added a smart humidifier or smart Air purifier, it can also turn it on Air purifier when pollutant levels rise or humidifier when air gets too dry.

It packs a 2200mAh battery that lasts for around 7 hours. But this device is not meant to be used on battery power and battery power is only for times when there’s no electricity supply.

Final Words

Laser Egg 2+ is a good device to monitor indoor air quality. As I already said, you should also take care of indoor air quality, this device is essential. It works fine and gives you an understanding of particulates and chemical compounds available in Air. So you can take corrective actions.

It is definitely not cheap, but you can buy if anyone at your home has health issues. Most of the Air Purifiers also don’t come with the AQI display. In this case, Kaiterra’s Laser Egg 2+ can tell you if Air Purifier is working fine. There are a few cheap AQI monitors but they lack TVOC monitoring.

Buy Here: Amazon

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