How to recover deleted photos on Android

How to recover deleted photos on Android

If you deleted a photo or album by mistake and your phone does not have any option of trash to roll back this, I can feel for you. I also did the same when I deleted the whole collection and lost all camera photos captured during a recent trip. Before you lose hope, you can still recover photos easily. In this article, I will tell you how to recover lost photos on an Android phone.

Before I start telling you how to recover photos, you must disable wifi and mobile data. You should also stop capturing more photos. It is because the deleted data remains in the storage until new data replaces it. if you keep on adding more photos or files, it can replace a few deleted photos.

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How to recover deleted photos from an Android phone

Now you need a good data recovery app to recover your data. Here are a few good apps to try.

1. DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery requires root access to work at full pace but you can still use it without rooting your phone. It can recover photos or videos from your phone’s internal storage or memory card. You can then upload the recovered files directly to Google Drive, or Dropbox, or send them via email.


2. Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery is also a similar kind of app to recover deleted apps from your phone. It scans your phone to look for deleted files and then recovers photos found deleted. The app scans your phone’s storage and lists the deleted photos it finds. You can then select individual photos to recover or recover all the photos. It shows photos divided by folders for making it easier for you to find deleted photos.


3. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

Dr. Fone for Android is an app by the popular software company Wondershare. This app claims to be World’s 1st Android data recovery software. I am not sure if it is, but you can certainly try it to recover your photos, SMS, documents, videos, audio, and Whatsapp chat.

This is a paid app. If you are ready to pay, you can purchase the app to use on your Android phone.


4. DigDeep Image Recovery

This is another powerful image recovery app for Android phones. It can scan your internal storage and SD card for deleted photos. No need to root the phone to use this app. Once the app scans your phone’s storage or SD card for deleted images, it shows you the recovered photos in different folders. You can check photos one by one in each folder and then restore the photos that you want to recover.


There could be more apps to recover deleted photos on Android but these three are enough to try. I also wrote the best data recovery apps for Android. These apps can also recover photos. So, that list will also be useful.

How to avoid this kind of situation in future

If you do not want to face such a situation in the future, you need to enable auto backup of your photos. For Android users, I recommend the use of Google Photos. it offers unlimited photo storage for your photos. You just need to enable the auto back from Settings, then Backup & sync. It will automatically start taking a backup of your deleted photos when you are connected to Wifi. The last time when I deleted my photos by mistake, Google Photo auto-backup saved me. So, you must start using this because Google offers unlimited storage for your photos and videos.

Now you know what data recovery apps can help you recover data from Android. If this article was useful, do not forget to explore more articles. We have a lot of useful guides on this blog.

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