How to Convert Single-SIM Phone Into Dual-SIM Phone

PIECE dual SIM wireless adapter

Now days, people prefer dual SIM phones and usually use multiple numbers for different purposes. But high-end phones like iPhone only offers single SIM device. It force people to keep a backup phones to use other number. Most of the people ditch the idea to buy that phone to go with a phone offering dual SIM connectivity. But what if you want to to buy that phone and do not want to carry a backup phont to use additional number. There are few solutions to convert your existing SINGLE SIM phone into a DUAL SIM phone.

In this post, I am going to talk about those less known but working ways to convert a single SIM device into a dual SIM device and use two sims in the phone you bought with single sim connectivity.

Ways To Convert Single-SIM Phone Into Dual-SIM Phone

Dual SIM Card Adapters

You can buy Dual SIM card adapters for your phone. It lets you connect two SIM cards in your phone simultaneously. Companies like MagicSIM and Simore are offering dual SIM card adapters.

These SIM card adapters come with a thin cable that connects to your existing SIM card slot and extend it to use two SIM cards. This cable is bendable and connects a nano sim with a microSIM. Nano SIM hub is inserted into the existing card slot and other side can be attached to the rear cover. You can also use back cover to hide this additional SIM

Not just two SIM cards, there are few adapters which allow you to connect three sim cards with your single SIM phone.Watch this video to see how you can use two SIM cards in iPhone 6.

It is worth to note that these single SIM phone cannot work simultaneously with multiple networks. So, you will have to switch the SIM to use as active network. Adapter is capable of switching the active SIM card depending on which one you want to use. So, you have to select the active SIM manually.

Wireless SIM Adapter – Both Active

This way is better than using the previous adapters. PIECE is the wireless adapter which offers functions of two active numbers in single sim phone. This wireless adapter looks like a compact powerbank but lighter in weight. It costs about $50 to $60. PIECE accepts all GSM, PCS, DCS or EGSM cards.

PIECE dual SIM wireless adapter

Just connect the second SIM into this gadget and connect it with your phone over Bluetooth. Now, you will receive all calls and messages of that number into your phone and you can also reply to this second number. On your Phone, you also get an app to manage all settings. As of now, you can only use second SIM for call and text messages. But company is working to make data usage possible in the next version.

Not just this, PIECE also warns if you go away from your phone. So, you are less likely to forget your phone.

PIECE is not available in the market and is up for pre-order.

These were two working ways to use two or more SIM cards in your single SIM phone without any issue. You can go with any way but for second, you will have to wait for few more days or weeks.

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