How to check if your phone supports Virtual Reality headset

virtual reality compatible mobile
virtual reality compatible mobile

A few days back, we wrote an article about best low-cost virtual reality headsets in India. All those VR headsets use the smartphone as a display device. But, it is worth to note that you cannot use all the devices in that VR display. Your smartphone must support the Virtual Reality thing in order to use as a display in those VR headsets.

If you are planning to buy a virtual reality headset or VR Headset that uses a smartphone as a display, it is worth to check if you have a virtual reality compatible phone. In this post, we are adding few ways to check if your phone supports Virtual Reality headset.

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Before you check VR compatible smartphone, you should know the basic requirements for a phone to support virtual reality headset. The phone should have Gyroscope sensor for any VR apps to work in it. The Gyroscope is a sensor that provides orientation information with greater precision. Other important things are Magnetic Field Sensor and Internal Compass. The Magnetic field sensor is capable of sensing the magnetic field of the earth ( by using Halls effect) and helps in determining the Direction. Using the navigation app with magnetic Compass turned on, the navigation will be more precise.

Main components of the phone to support VR headset:

  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Internal Compass (recommended)
  • NFC (optional)

How to check if your phone supports Virtual Reality headset

These are few ways to check if your phone supports virtual reality.

1. Freefly VR

Freefly VR is a website which has compiled the list of smartphones which are compatible with VR headsets. You can check this website to see if your smartphone is listed there. In case, your smartphone is not listed, you can still have a chance. So, try the next way.

Freefly VR

2. Google Cardboard or other apps to check

Open Play Store and search for ‘Cardboard’ app by Google. This app comes with a demo of VR. If your phone is compatible this app, your phone will support virtual reality headset. To be surer, you can also test with other third-party apps like SensorBox, EZE VR and VR Checker.

Apps Download Links:

Download SensorBox from Google Play

Download EZE VR from Google Play

Download VR checker from Google Play

With these two methods, you can easily check if your phone supports VR headsets. Another good way to check is the ability to play 360-degree videos. If your phone supports 360-degree videos on YouTube and Facebook, your phone will also support virtual reality headsets.

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Hope, you satisfied with your query of searching VR compatible phones. If you have any confusion, you can ask me in comments.


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