How to buy Ripple (XRP)


Bitcoin ruled the 2017 but other cryptocurrencies have also shown their power and Ripple was one of those that became trending in recent week. Recently the price of Ripple (XRP) has started rising and it has become one of the most profitable currency to invest in 2018.

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Ripple is a global settlement network that makes it easy to transfer any currency to anyone in seconds. It focuses on offering faster and cost-effective transactions. So, it is good for banking systems. A Few banks have also started using Ripple. It promises to save $3.76 per payment using Ripple protocol. The huge surge in value is due to both bank adoption and speculative interest. This is the reason Ripple is strong and will be stronger in coming months.

There are 100 billion XRP tokens in existence. This is the reason, the price of XRP is low even if it is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

Disclosure: Investing in any cryptocurrency is subjected to market risk. We are just guiding you for that. We will not be responsible for any loss you make.

How to Buy Ripple

Before you buy Ripple, you need to own a Ripple Wallet. I always recommend Ledger Nano S. Personal wallet is must to keep your secret key and store it in a secure location. You cannot trust on hosted wallets that may go down or leak your data.

Here is the list of best Ripple Wallets. I always recommend the use of hardware wallet for maximum security and Ledger Nano S is currently the only reliable hardware wallet. If you want a software wallet, try Rippex.

Note: If you are not keeping your cryptocurrency in the personal wallet, your currency is always at risk.

Now you are ready to buy Ripple. There are lots of websites where you can directly buy Ripple. Here are the websites I recommend.

How to buy Ripple in India

If you are from India where most of the global exchanges do not work, But you have few Indian exchanges working with Ripple trading. You can also buy Bitcoins and then exchange it for Ripple. It is because most of the trusted Exchanges are only offering Bitcoin.

Here are few exchanges for Ripple.

If you already own some other cryptocurrencies and want to Buy Ripple bu exchanging your any of other cryptocurrencies, you can use Changelly. It offers best rates. If you already own Bitcoin on Zebpay or any other Indian exchange, you can get Ripple using Changelly.

Final Words

Now you know the websites where you can buy Ripple or get in an exchange with other coins. So, do not wait and get some Ripple now. Ripple is growing and your money will also grow. It is also expected to touch $5 mark by the end of this month. So, You need to play smart.

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