Google introduces AI Overviews for search

AI Overviews

Big tech companies think AI is the future. This is the reason all big tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Meta, and more are investing big in AI. Google has already been working on AI for years and today it has announced several AI enhancements, AI models, and more AI feared. The company has today introduced ‘AI Overviews’ in the US. The feature was previously known as the Search Generative Experience and it will be soon available to other countries.

AI Overviews

“I’m excited to announce that we’ll begin launching this fully revamped experience — AI Overviews — to everyone in the US this week, and we’ll bring it to more countries soon,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at the Google I/O conference.

Now people will see AI-generated summary at the top of several search results. The AI summary will be powered by Gemini. In many search queries, AI-generated summaries will be more helpful than clicking on different links to get the information.

Soon the company will also allow users adjust their AI Overview. They will get options to simplify the language or break it down in more detail. This will be helpful in understanding complicated topics in a simpler manner.

Google is also integrating more AI-infused Google search to make the search experience better. Now users can also ask complex questions and Google will use Gemini to provide answers. They will also be able top plan a trip directly in Google or get recipes step by step.

Although AI results seem good for most users, Google isn’t doing it in the right way. The company is using content of different websites to train its knowledge without giving them credits or paying them for using their content. Several big websites have seen drop in traffic and they were forced to cut off their workforce even if they are publishing good content.

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