Google launches Gemini Code Assist

Gemini Code Assist
Gemini Code Assist

Google unveiled Gemini Code Assist at its Cloud Next conference. Code Assist is an AI code completion and assistance tool for enterprise customers.

Gemini Code Assist is the direct competitor to GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise. Google also boasts that its Code Assist is more accurate in code suggestions than competition. Code Assist plugins will be available for popular code editors like VS Code and JetBrains to help developers write code faster.

The company confirmed several enhancements such as full codebase awareness and code customization. These things increase its efficiency. However, these features are still in private preview. The full codebase awareness feature helps developers perform large-scale changes across the codebase. The code customization feature lets enterprises connect their private codebases to help developers in offering context-aware code generation.

Gemini Code Assist

Google also talked about its internal testing data. It says that the time taken in common developer tasks was reduced by 40%. Gemini Code Assist also helped developers spend 55% less time writing new codes.

Google is also partnering with several companies to bring their knowledge bases to Gemini. Datadog, Datastax, Elastic, HashiCorp, Neo4j, Pinecone, Redis, and Singlestore are a few notable names. Stack Overflow is already a Google Cloud partner.

It will be interesting to see how Code Assist would be helpful for developers. The success of Code Assist will depend on its efficiency and speed. GitHub Copilot and CodeWhisperer already have an edge in code generation.

Cloud Assist will be embedded directly into several Google Cloud products and will have a chat interface.

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