Finally, you can download multiple apps at once from the Play Store

Google Play Store Updates

Android users can now finally download multiple apps at the same time from the Play Store. The company has been working on the feature for a while and it is finally rolling it out widely. So, you don’t need to wait to download one app for downloading anoint.

However, the feature still limits the download to a maximum of 2 apps simultaneously. If you try downloading more apps, they will be sent to the pending list and will be downloaded after the downloading of the first two apps finishes.

The feature only works for new app installations. App updates are still done one by one. So, this doesn’t seem a big help for Android users.

This was a long-awaited feature and can be a game changer. Previously, the Play Store only allowed downloading one app at a time. If the internet connection is slow and you want to download multiple apps of larger size, it could be frustrating.

The update is now being rolled out gradually to all devices running Android 14. You need to have Play Store version 40.6.31 or later to get multiple app downloads feature.

It is worth noting that Apple’s App Store can download three apps simultaneously.

I think Google will increase this limit in the future and let users download more apps at once. The same thing we need for app updates. I wish this could also be added soon.

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