Business Spam on WhatsApp: A Threat to the Future of Personal Messaging

WhatsApp Business Spam
WhatsApp Business Spam

Before social messaging apps took over, people were using SMS to send text messages to their friends. Although they had chatting apps like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger, & AIM, SMS was for instant communication. Today, No one is using them for communication. Social messaging apps like WhatsApp have given us more than just text messaging. We can share photos, and locations, make calls, and now we can even send money. So, it was obvious for most people to switch to social messaging apps from SMS. Although most people blame social messaging apps for the death of SMS, there was another big reason that contributed to the death of SMS. It was SPAM. Just look at your SMS inbox, you will mostly see promotional messages and OTPs. People have stopped looking at their SMS inboxes, but these brands haven’t stopped sending promotional SMS.

If we ask people, most are using WhatsApp as a primary platform for talking to their friends and family. But the way Meta is ruining the WhatsApp experience, I have a serious question to ask. WhatsApp replaced SMS, but What’s next after WhatsApp? This question is relevant, even if you don’t think it is.

WhatsApp now has a serious problem and Meta doesn’t want to acknowledge it. People are helpless because they depend on WhatsApp for their daily communication with their friends and family.

WhatsApp became popular because it was an instant personal communication platform. But WhatsApp businesses are ruining the experience. This is a serious problem. I am not against offering business communication on WhatsApp. But there must be a consent. Most businesses purchase phone numbers and start their bulk WhatsApp messaging. There’s also no way to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

WhatsApp has given the option to report and block a business, and the company promotes this option like it has achieved something revolutionary. But this option is also of no use when it comes to WhatsApp Business spamming. I have blocked some of the businesses too many times. They reappear in my WhatsApp inbox with a new number. It is also a pain to report and block 4-5 messages daily.

I also don’t understand why big brands have resorted to WhatsApp spamming. I have the Myntra app installed on my phone, if they really want to notify me about their offers, they can send app notifications.

I think the company should give users a one-click option to block all business communications. There must be a toggle that blocks all Business messages automatically. I have talked to a lot of people about what they feel about messages from Businesses they receive on WhatsApp. Everyone asked for a way to completely block these messages.

If that’s something too much to ask for, WhatsApp should at least allow users to mute all unwanted business communications. After a user positively responds to a Business, then enable the notifications. WhatsApp interface is now already too cluttered. But if possible, the company should add another tab for their promotional messages. No one wants these business chats in their primary WhatsApp inbox.

I have already started using iMessage to connect with iPhone users. However, I still have to use WhatsApp to connect with Android users. If WhatsApp doesn’t stop Business spam, I will have to give up on WhatsApp and look for an alternative.

What do you people think about this? I don’t think any of you also like spam messages from Businesses. Let me know your views in the comments.

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