42% of Indian Parents approve of gaming as a hobby: HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023

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HP India has unveiled the third edition of HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023. The report provides insights into the growth of gaming in India, esports, gaming as a career opportunity, and earning from gaming. The study covered 3000 gamers across 15 Indian cities and highlighted several notable things

The most interesting finding of the study is that 40% of gamers earn between 6 and 12 lakh per annum from gaming. This is a significant growth as compared to 2022. 6% of gamers are earning more than 12 lakh a year.

Gaming is also not restricted to metro cities. Gamers from non-metro cities also now see gaming as a career option. 75% of GenZ and 67% of Millennials are serious gamers. Women gamers are also increasing in the country. 58% of women respondents identified themselves as serious gamers.

Most serious gamers use a PC as their preferred gaming machine. 67% of gamers favor PCs over phones. Gamers are also willing to invest over Rs. 1 Lakh on average for a gaming PC. The key reasons for selecting a PC for gaming are a larger display, better FPS, and better graphics.

The study also surveyed 500 parents to understand how they see gaming. It revealed a positive shift in parents’ perspectives towards gaming. Around 40% of parents who participated in the study admitted that their perception of gaming has turned positive due to the growth in the industry. The only concern is about the career stability.

HP also introduces HP Gaming Garage, a free-of-cost online professional certificate program on Esports management and Game development. The program is available in 12 languages including English, Hindi, and Telugu.

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