Google Messages adds end-to-end encryption for RCS conversations


Google has announced that the Google Messages app is enabling end-to-end encryption on RCS messages by default. So, all your chats and group chats will be private for you and the people you are messaging. Google initially started rolling out end-to-end encryption for one-to-one conversations back in 2020. Now the company has expanded it to group conversations.

Without end-to-end encryption, your messages could be read by Google, carriers, or other intermediaries. After enabling end-to-end encryption, your messages will be private. End-to-end encryption uses a secret key that is shared only between the sender and receiver. The key is never stored or transmitted. So, it cannot be intercepted.

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“All of your RCS conversations in Messages by Google are end-to-end encrypted, including group chats, which keeps them private between you and the people you’re messaging,” Reads the support page.

Google has been trying to push RCS for a long time and is also trying to compete against iMessage.
The main factor that contributed to iMessage’s superiority was its provision of end-to-end encrypted conversations. So, it is good to see Google Messages is finally getting the same.

After enabling end-to-end encryption, Google hopes to get more users to adopt RCS. One of the biggest challenges for RCS adoption is Apple. Apple has yet to provide support for RCS on its devices. Apple uses its proprietary protocol that is not compatible with RCS. Users won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of RCS while texting between Android and iOS devices unless Apple rolls out support for RCS.

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