Norton’s AntiTrack promises to prevent online tracking

Norton AntiTrack
Norton AntiTrack

A few days back, NortonLifeLock launched its new online privacy offering “Norton AntiTrack” in India. This service promises to prevent third-party companies and websites from tracking searches and personal data. It detects trackers in real time and blocks them by using advanced anti-fingerprinting technology.

Before you learn more about Norton AntiTrack, you should know why this tool is important. We visit hundreds of websites daily and perform different searches on Google or any other search engine. Everything we do on the internet is being tracked. There are algorithms that process the data and make a unique digital profile of internet users. This data is used to understand our browsing behavior and interest to show relevant ads. These advertising companies share the data. So, all the advertisers know what kind of searches we made, what is our food preferences, what is out shopping preferences, and whether are we making any travel plans or anything that can be revealed by searches. Companies use this information to influence you by pushing ads.

If you do not wish to be tracked, you need to prevent online tracking using good software. That’s where Norton’s AntiTrack comes into the picture. AntiTrack keeps your browsing activity and personal information private by blocking different online trackers.

Norton AntiTrack is available for Windows (with the exception of Windows 10 in S mode and Windows running on ARM processors) and Mac platforms. It also offers browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

You need to first install the Norton AntiTrack software on your system. Then you also need to install the browser extension in the browser you use to access different websites. After the initial setup, you do not need to do anything. The AntiTrack software will keep blocking different trackers and will show you the data in an interactive report.

Norton AntiTrack has no app for Android and iOS. Now when most people browse the web on their smartphones, there should be an app for Android and iOS to block trackers.

It is priced at Rs. Rs. 1999 for a single PC and Mac for the first year and later the renewal cost would be Rs. 2499 per year. Interested people can purchase it from the official Norton website.