Google is shutting down Currents



Back in 2019, Google announced Currents as a replacement for Google Plus for G Suite. Now the company has decided to shut it down and will push users to use Spaces. Spaces is Google’s app similar to Slack channel or Discord room. The company has not given an exact date but confirms that Currents will be shut down in 2023. Existing users will get time and data migration tools to move to Spaces.

Even if the company will shut down Currents in 2023, features that are rarely used will fade out starting in Q1 2022. Here’s a list of features going away soon.

  • Post analytics
  • Popular tags page
  • Active tags embedded in the All posts stream
  • Community insights
  • Profile influence
  • Mobile notifications
  • Following and follower counts

The company also promises to bring new features to Spaces for effective communication and collaboration. It will add support for larger communities and leadership communication. Google will also add advanced search, content moderation tools, and more.

Spaces was unveiled as “Rooms” but later renamed. It is to offer a dedicated place for people to have meaningful discussions on a topic or project. The company has also integrated it with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet. Starting today, Spaces are available to all Google Workspace customers today.