Google Search no longer supports Internet Explorer 11

Google Search

Google has confirmed that Google Search no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. You will have to switch to a modern web browser to continue using Google Search.

Internet Explorer 11 was released back in 2013 with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 release. It was later ported to Windows 7. In the end, it was replaced with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 in 2015.

As per StatCounter, Internet Explore still have over 1% of the desktop browser market. Even if it seems low, it is is a significant amount. Many enterprise users are still forced to use Internet Explorer for accessing legacy applications. Several Indian government websites still require Internet Explorer 11.

Google search team did a calculation before making this decision. They calculated the cost of maintaining support for Internet Explorer 11 and compared it to the value of customers still using Internet Explorer. The result forced Google to leave Internet Explorer 11 behind.

If you still use Internet Explorer, you should download any modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox to continue using Google Search.

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