Anonymous targets Musk over his tweets about crypto

Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is the latest target of the renowned hacker group Anonymous. The hacker group has posted a new video blaming him for destroying the lives of many crypto investors by irresponsible tweeting.

It is evident that several tweets of Elon Musk had affected Bitcoin and Dogecoin prices. He was responsible for both surge and the recent drop in Bitcoin prices. Initially, his company Tesla invested in Bitcoin and started accepting it for payments. Later they took U-turn and stopped accepting bitcoin over the negative environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. Tesla even sold some of the Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021 while the company promised not to sell any of the Bitcoin it purchased.

Anonymous claims that he was forced to denounce Tesla’s involvement with Bitcoin to keep getting government subsidies. I also agree with Anonymous claim. Everyone knows how Bitcoin mining affects energy consumption and affects the environment. It was a fact even when Elon Musk started endorsing Bitcoin.

Here’s the full video posted by Anonymous group.

At the end of the video, the Anonymous group member head saying, “You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match. We are Anonymous! We are legion. Expect us.”

After a surge followed by a big drop ruined several small investors who thought to make some side incoming. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and isn’t controlled by any government agency. This was the reason why several people took interest in cryptocurrencies. Now it is clear that Big investors can easily manipulate the prices by investing and selling cryptocurrency. So, it is very important not to blindly trust anyone and do proper research before investing.

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