NVIDIA GeForce NOW now supports Windows and macOS


NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW is a popular cloud game streaming shrive. Initially, the company released a browser-based client only for Chromebook last year. Later, it rebased Safari-based client for iOS/iPadOS devices bypassing Apple’s App Store. Now the company is brining Chrome-based client for Windows and macOS. Now, version 2.0.27 of the service is rolling out with beta support for these desktop platforms via Chrome browser.

The company is already planning to bring it to more platforms. So we can expect it soon on Android and Linux.

In the release note, NVIDIA confirmed that users can visit https://play.geforcenow.com on Google Chrome on Windows and macOS to start streaming games. If you have the latest Mac with M1 chip, you get GeForce NOW on that as well. Users on other platforms such as Linux can also try streaming games on Chrome, but NVIDIA doesn’t guarantee support.

Even if the service is now available for Windows and macOS, you still need be in a supported region to access the service.

GeForce Now is a game streaming service where you stream games on your low-end devices and actual game is running on a PC in the cloud. GeForce Now has Steam integration, so you can unlock PC games you already own and stream.

GeForce Now is competing directly against Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Microsoft also has an xCloud game streaming service. These game streaming services are subscription-based. You just need to purchase a headphone, keyboard, mouse, or controller to stream and play games. There is no need to invest in a gaming console or high-end gaming PC.


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