Apple’s breaks past $100 billion revenue for the first time in history



Apple just released earning data for the fiscal Q1 2021 and announced two major milestones. The company has recorded $111.44 billion in revenue and reported $28.6 billion in profits. This is the first time Apple breaks past $100 billion in revenue of any quarter.

If we compare it with Q1 2020, Apple ended this quarter with $91.8 billion in revenue and $22.2 billion in profits. Apple attributed strong sales of Wearables, iPhone, and Services for this record revenue.

During this quarter, Apple launched several products including iPhone 12 series, iPad Air and Mac mini, and the new M1 MacBook. Apple also released Apple One subscription service.

This quarter also ended with 1.65 billion active Apple devices and 1 billion of these active devices are iPhones.

Apple also reported iPad sales of $8.44 billion. Apple services including revenues from sales of music, digital content, cloud computing, and subscriptions. Here is the breakdown of revenue it earned from different products.

  • iPhones: $65.6 billion
  • Services: $15.76 billion
  • Wearables, Home, and Accessories: $12.97 billion
  • Mac: $8.68 billion
  • iPad: $8.44 billion

Apple is the biggest U.S. listed public company by market capitalization and has a value for $2.4 trillion. Even during the pandemic when it was forced to close many of its store, the company grew well.