Google’s new app in India will pay users to complete tasks

Task Mate
Task Mate

Google has quietly launched a new application Task Mate in India. This app pays users for doing small random tasks.

Task Mate app will provide a range of simple tasks like taking a photo of a nearby restaurant, Record spoken sentences, Transcribe sentences, and more. The data collected by such tasks will be used by Google to “improve mapping services and bring business in your local area online.”

Task Mate app is now available on Google Play Store, but it is in “Early Access”. So, one needs a referral code to join the app. Install only if you have a referral code. The app already has 50000+ installed on Google Play Store.

You can cash out your earnings in local currency by linking an e-wallet account to the app or by using an in-app payment partner.

Google already had a Google Opinion Rewards but that was a survey kind of app. Task Mate requires people to perform given tasks.