Apple is reportedly testing a folding iPhone

Foldable iPhone

A new report suggests that Apple is also wrong on a foldable iPhone. The company has recently ordered a number of prototype models to test the durability of hinge design.

Apple has asked Foxconn to test the hinge design for over 100,000 opening and closing tests. This is much higher than the number of tests for regular laptops’ hinge. But Smartphones will be opened and closed multiple times a day as opposed to laptops. So, it should be tested for a high number of opening and closing

We do not have much information about the phone yet. We only know that it is being tested and Samsung will provide the panel for the screen. Apple has ordered sample display units from Samsung for testing.

According to leaker Jon Prosser, Apple’s foldable phone will be similar to Microsoft Surface Duo. It will have two different display panels connected via a hinge unlike single folding display.

If everything goes as per the plans, Apple’s first folding phone could be launched in September 2022 event.

Rumors about Apple’s foldable iPhone are dated back to 2016. Apple also filed several patents regarding the same, but we are still waiting to see a foldable iPhone in action.

Apple routinely tests prototypes for different products but launch only if it gets success in making a product with a unique approach. Apple tried making its own branded HDTV but dropped the plans. The company is also working on an autonomous car and I am not sure when it will be announced officially. Apple announced the AirPower wireless charger but canceled because it failed to achieve its high standards.

So, a foldable iPhone may be in the works, but don’t expect anything until the company officially announces. Apple may still cancel it if it fails to meet Apple’s own quality standards.

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