Microsoft is shutting down Mixer, Suggesting users to move to Facebook Gaming


At the time when the world was busy watching WWDC, Microsoft announced that they’d shut down their game streaming platform Mixer. It seems they are teaming up with Facebook Gaming, that’s why the company has suggested all existing streamers to start using Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft has confirmed that the company will make the transition from Mixer to Facebook Gaming seamless. All Mixer sites and apps will redirect users to Facebook Gaming.

If you are an existing Mixer user, you should visit to sign up for the transition.


If you were the part of Mixer’s “open monetization program”, you will be “granted eligibility for the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program.” Steamers who are “Mixer Partners” will get double-payment for all their earnings in the month of June.

Mixer was announced back on May 25, 2017. So the service was live for around 3 years and 1 month but failed to compete against Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.