Google Meet gets background blur, polling, up to 49 participants and more

Google Meet
Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s popular video conferencing service that was available for business. The company recently made it available to all and started adding more features to attract users. Now the company is pushing another set of features that includes 49 people own a single video call, blurred and custom backgrounds, polling, and more.

Google Meet currently allows only up to 16 participants, that is still lesser than what Facebook’s Messenger Rooms and Zoom offer. After this update, free Meet users will also get up to 49 participants in one video call.

Google is also adding an optimum to blur your background or add a custom background. There will be some default backgrounds and you can also add your own custom backgrounds to use while making a video call.

For having better conversations, Google Meet is also getting the “raise your hands” feature. One can use it when he/she has something to say. Meeting Attendance makes it easier to see who attended the meeting.

Other notable upcoming features are Q&A and Polling. Q&A lets people ask questions without disrupting the conversation. The Polling feature enables real-time polling during the Meet call. It will also get Moderator Controls that will let the host mute, present, join, and more.

Google is also integrating Meet with the Nest Hub Max. This will bring the video conferencing option to the speaker. One will be able to start a Google Meet call by saying “Hey Google, make a group call” or “Hey Google, start a meeting.”


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