Apple makes it easier to unlock the iPhone using Face ID while wearing masks


After listening to several consumer complaints, Apple has finally tweaked its Face ID mechanism to make it easier to unlock the phone while wearing a face mask.

The tweak has been pushed in iOS 13.5 released on Wednesday. Now when Face ID failed to unlock the phone in the first attempt, you will see an option to enter the passcode. Previously, it would try again before displaying the passcode screen.

There’s no setting involve enabling this option. The only thing you need to do is to update the iPhone to the latest iOS 13.5. It will automatically enable the option. To check for the latest updates, check Settings > General > Software Update.

Most recent iPhones don’t come with Face ID, so you can either use Face ID or passcode. Now when most people wear a mask, Face ID fails to unlock the phone.

This update also brings Apple and Google’s exposure notification API. It will be used in COVID-19 tracking apps made by different government agencies. Until you install the app that uses the API, this system will be inactive.