Google Maps gets a brand new logo and redesigned Apps

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps is turning 15 years this week. To celebrate its birthday, the company has unveiled a brand new logo and apps are getting a new design.

The redesigned Google Maps app for Android and iOS are rolling out starting today. The new design of the app takes full advantage of the bottom bar UI where you will see five tabs offering quick access to an important section of the apps.

The Explore section shows default navigation options and offers tools to find locations and nearby places. It also shows location information, ratings, reviews and more. The Commute tab is to show traffic and transportation information.

The Saved tab is to see the locations you have saved. The Contribute is for those who would like to continue on maps by leaving feedback, photos, and review. Updates tan is a feed page for discovering new locations in your area.

Along with App redesign, the company has also announced a new logo. Maps logo is a pin with all colors taken from Google’s logo. This Pin was also present in the previous logo but was red.



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