End of BlackBerry Phones; TCL to stop making BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry Motion
BlackBerry Motion

BlackBerry phones are dead again. TCL Communication, the current manufacturer of BlackBerry devices has confirmed that it will stop making BlackBerry phones. The partnership between BlackBerry and TCL is ending.

BlackBerry Mobile has also tweeted to confirm this news.

TCL will not sell BlackBerry devices after August 31, 2020, but the company will keep supporting existing devices until August 31, 2022. We are also curious to know if the existing Blackberry devices will get software updates.

TCL Communication has been launching BlackBerry devices since late 2016. It launched BlackBerry KEYOne, Motion, KEY2 and KEY2 LE, but none of the devices did well.

Once a market leader, BlackBerry lost market share to Android phones and it struggled to keep pace with rivals. The company released BlackBerry 10 with big expectations but it failed to compete against Android. Now the compass only focuses on software and cyber-security services.

Now when TCL will not work on BlackBerry devices, ether BlackBerry will find a new partner or BlackBerry brand will disappear.


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