WhatsApp users sent over 100 billion private messages on New Year globally


We all sent wishes and greetings to our loved ones and friends on New Years Evening via WhatsApp. But you won’t believe that in total 100 billion private messages were shared on WhatsApp globally in 24 hours on December 31sr, 2019.

Users sent text messages, photos, GIFs and videos. More than 12 billion were picture messages out of the 100 billion messages sent

This was highest on December 31st in WhatsApp’s 10-year history. From these messages, over 20 billion messages were sent in India on December 31st. Britain accounted for more than 900 million messages.

It is really interesting to see how India accounts for 20% of the total messages sent on WhatsApp globally. India is also a big market for WhatsApp with more than 300 million users from India.

WhatsApp has again mentioned that they offer end-to-end encryption to ensure that only you and the person you are communicating with can read your messages. So, WhatsApp can’t differentiate between Wish messages and regular messages. So, not all 100 billion+ messages where New Year wishes.

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