Twitter Rolls out Emoji Reactions For Direct Messages

Twitter Emoji search
Twitter Emoji search

Twitter has added Facebook reactions like Emoji reactions for Direct messages. The Emoji reaction option is available across all the platforms.

You can quickly react to a DM by tapping on heart-plus icon right next to the message and select the emoji you want to add. On mobile apps, you can also add a reaction by double-tapping any message. See the screenshot below.

Emoji Reactions For Direct Messages

This is a small update but interesting for those who exchange a lot of DMs on Twitter. These kinds of reactions are already available on Messenger. You can also like messages on Instagram. Now you can also react to messages on Twitter. There’s no angry reaction, but not sure why.

Twitter is a popular social media platform and is one of the fastest medium to spread the news. Most of the celebs and public figures use Twitter to interact with followers and share their thoughts.

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