Mi Water Purifier to be launched at upcoming event on September 17th

Xiaomi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Water Purifier

There is a Smarter Living 2020 launch event by Xiaomi India on September 17. Xiaomi is launching a couple of smart devices in the event that would make living smart. The company is planning on launching the Mi Band 4 and a 65- inch Mi TV as per past few tweets from Xiaomi India and MD Manu Kumar Jain. Now another tweets by @XiaomiIndia teases a water purifier as well.

The tweet stated that the company is going to launch its water purifier in India in this event to make sure that you drink healthy and safe water all the time.

Xiaomi already sells several different water purifiers in China. The company launched the Mi Water TDS tester Ii July this year in India to test the hardness of water. Let’s see in the event what Xiaomi will launch and at what price. Based on past, we can say that this water purifier will be economical as the other Xiaomi devices.


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