Play “Tez Shots” game on Google Pay and win scratch cards

Tez Shots
Tez Shots


Google today added a game called “Tez Shots” inside the Google Pay app in India. This game lets you score runs and win scratch cards worth up to Rs. 3300.

Tez Shots game is basically the cricket doodle game with different actors. You need to hit the ball and score runs. You as a batsman try to score as many runs as possible. You can also play the game as many times as you like.

Sum of all your scores will be counted and it will unlock different milestones. You will be shown your total score, your best score, and your all-India ranking.

Whenever you cross a milestone, you will earn a scratch card. Here are the rules:

  • Rs. 50 for 100 runs
  • Rs. 100 for 500 runs
  • Rs. 150 for 1000 runs
  • Rs. 1000 for 2000 runs
  • Rs. 2000 for 3000 runs

But earning a scratch card doesn’t mean you can instantly scratch and see how much you won. Scratch card is initially locked. You will have to successfully complete the qualifying transaction assigned to the locked scratch card before the card expires.

In your free time, you can play the game and try to score for winning scratch card. The game is now available for Google Pay uses on Android and in India.