Apple announces iOS 13 with dark mode, privacy features and more

IOS 13
IOS 13

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced iOS 13 and shared some of the new features it will be adding to the latest version of its mobile OS. There are tons of small and big changes that aim to improve your smartphone experience.

Apple claims that the new iOS 13 will make Face ID 30 percent faster. Downloads and updates are a lot smaller than before. Now the iPhone will not download the full app each time you get an update. That will make updates 60 percent smaller on average. App launch on iOS 13 will also be twice faster.

The most notable change in the new iOS 13 is the presence of system-wide dark mode. You will be able to switch from normal interface to the dark interface by using a button present in Control Center. Native apps have all been updated to dark mode.

The native iOS keyboard now supports typing by swiping from one letter to another.

Music app has also received an update. Now you can also see scrolling lyrics along with listening to music.

Apple has also redesigned the Reminders app. Now it has a quick type bar to add a task. You can also indent tasks below bigger tasks and tag people in a task. When you tag a person in a task, he/she will receive a notification in iMessage.

Safari, Mail, Notes and several other native apps are getting new UI and features.

Apple has also demonstrated the new version of Apple Maps. Now it has improved data in some parts of the U.S. Apple has also added a new feature “Look Around” that works similar to Google Street View. You can share your ETA with friends.

iMessage will now feel like WhatsApp. You will be able to add your profile picture and control who gets to see it.

With new iOS 13, Apple will let you share your location with an app just once. Next time when it needs access to your location, you will have to give the app explicit permission again. If you give an app full-time access to location data, you will get reports telling you how your location data was used by the app.

Apple has also announced “Sign in with Apple” option that will now compete against the existing social login option. Apple claims that you can use “Sign in with Apple” to create an account without sharing personal information with Third-party apps. You can even share a randomly generated email address to keep your real email address hidden from other apps.

Apple has also made HomeKit more private. You can now store up to 10 days of security camera footage in your iCloud account. Apple doesn’t keep your keys and these footage doesn’t count against your storage. Apple will also bring HomeKit to routers so that connected devices don’t always have to talk to the internet directly.

Apple has also added a new portrait lighting option called High Key Mono. This mode lets you adjust the portrait’s lighting by adjusting individual lights just like one can do in a real photo studio.

Apple is also improving editing with the new interface. Now you have easy to use options for photo editing. Apple is also adding the same editing tools to videos. You will also be able to rotate a video from portrait to landscape.

Apple is also adding machine learning to delete duplicates or other unnecessary pics from your phone.


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