Instagram adds support for landscape video on IGTV

landscape video on IGTV
landscape video on IGTV

Last year, Instagram launched IGTV as a standalone application for watching long-form vertical videos posted on Instagram by creators. Now the company is adding support for landscape videos alongside vertical videos.

Instagram is making this big change in the basis of feedbacks It received from creators and viewers. IGTV will still keep support vertical videos and will encourage creators to keep posting.

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Commenting on this, Instagram said, “We realize this is an evolution from where IGTV started – we believe it’s the right change for viewers and creators. In many ways, opening IGTV to more than just vertical videos is similar to when we opened Instagram to more than just square photos in 2015. It enabled creativity to flourish and engagement to rise – and we believe the same will happen again with IGTV.”

Creators who make publish videos on multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram badly wanted landscape video support for IGTV. They needed to either shoot a separate video for IGTV or crop their video in vertical format. Instagram also doesn’t allow creators to monetize their IGTV videos, creators were not taking much interest in putting efforts for IGTV.

Now when landscape videos are supported, creators can use the same videos they edited for YouTube and publish on IGTV. Still, creators want monetization for IGTV content.