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Xender app
Xender app


File transfer from one device to another is something we do on daily basis. Shareit was my favorite app but they have ruined the experience by adding video section and useless notifications. So, I decided to switch to Xender that is similar and there is no ad in the app. Xender is one of the best Shareit alternate you can try.

Xender is a free app that relies on Wi-Fi Direct technology for transferring files from one device to another. As Wi-Fi is almost 50 times faster than Bluetooth, you can share large files quickly. In my testing, the maximum file transfer speed went up to somewhere near 40MB/s. That’s pretty fast.

The user interface of the app is really simple and straightforward. When you open the app, it shows different tabs named History, App, Photo, Music, Video, File and New. The New tab shows recent files on your device.

You can use these tabs for selecting files to transfer and then tap on the send button. The app will show you the QR code that you need to scan from another device for receiving the file.

There is no file size limit for sending and file transfer speed is much more than the speed of Bluetooth transfer. The app’s built-in file manager is good and lets you browse all the files you have on your system.

The device authentication is fine and works fast. Just scan QR code and you are done. It will start sending files immediately.

One issue that I found was that Xender just lets you send files of a particular type in one go. If you want to share a few apps and videos with a friend, you will have to send in two separate sessions.

Xender even allows both the sender and receiver see the apps, videos and music files on the other phone. That’s like peeing into your friend’s phone.

Xender Web

Xender web allows you to access files of your mobile device directly from the browser. You can browse photos, videos, music files, documents and even apps. You can easily download any file from your mobile phone. In case you want to send anything to your phone, you can also upload photo, video or document files.

Xender web even lets you install an app on your Android phone by uploading the apk file.

It works with both Internet or without Internet. If you have internet connection, it uses QR code way to identify you and give access to your phone. Otherwise, it creates a hotspot on phone and you will have to connect to that network for using Xender web.

Phone Replicate

This is another notable feature of Xender. If you have bought a new phone, you can use Xender app to transfer all the data of older phone to a new phone in one go. You will not have to transfer things one by one. It will transfer photos, videos, apps, call logs, messages and other data from the old phone to the new one.

There is also a section where you can buy movies and download on your system. But I don’t think that is worth enough to talk in detail. You already have lots of better options for watching and download movies.

Xender is available for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. SO, these are the platforms where you can use the app and transfer files. It also supports cross-platform file transfer.

Xender app download

Downlaod: Android | iOS | Windows

Xender is not a new app. It has been there for a long time. After Shareit has ruined itself with viral video notifications, Xender is the one you should try. I am really impressed with the app’s experience. It is fast and lets you transfer data quickly from one phone to another. I really loved the Xender Web feature that lets me access photos of my phone quickly on the desktop without uploading it any cloud storage.

Try Xender and let us know your experience.