Google Brings Hindi Support For Assistant On Google Home devices

Google Home India
Google Home India

Google is finally adding Hindi language support for Google Assistant on Google Home devices. If you use Google Home speaker, you can ask queries in Hindi and your speaker will respond in Hindi.

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For using it in Hindi, you need to first set up the Google Assistant. Open the ‘Google Home App’ on your smartphone, tap the ‘Account’ and then select ‘Settings.’ Here, navigate the ‘Assistant’ tab and select ‘Add a language’.

After adding the Hindi Language, you can just say “Ok Google” to start a conversation with Assistant in Hindi. You can ask questions in Hindi and it will reply in Hindi.

Google Assistant for smartphone already works in Hindi and it has good accuracy in understanding your queries.

You can ask Google Home devices to play songs, connect other home devices, get weather information, read news, shop, set alarm, call any person in your contact and more.

If you do not own Google Home devices and are curious to try it, you can buy it from Flipkart. Google home devices start at Rs. 2499.

With Hindi language support, Google aims to make the devices available to a wide range of consumers.