Instagram Debuts Customizable User ‘Nametag’

Instagram Nametag

Instagram has just introduced nametags that are basically customizable card-like graphics working like QR codes. Scanning a nametag from the Instagram app will take you to the profile.

The nametag is customizable in the number of ways. You can change the tag’s color and add emoji or photos. There is also an option to scan a name tag at the bottom side of the Nametag page.

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The option of Nametag is now available across the globe. For accessing this, tap on three horizontal line icon at the top left side of the screen and select Nametag.

Instagram Nametag

You can only share the Nametag in place of telling them the username and other people can visit your profile directly by scanning it in place of searching your profile using the username.

Alongside the Nametag, Instagram is also testing a new bio field at some US universities that allow you add your school, class year, and society memberships. Searching for any of these will show you a directory of everyone at that institution. So, it will be easier to find your classmates. Of course, it will help Facebook gather more information about you.

We have also shared our Nametag in featured image. So don’t forget to follow us.

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