macOS Mojave is now available



If you own a MacBook or iMac, we have a good news for you. The macOS 10.14 Mojave is now available and you can download it from Mac App Store for free. The company announced Mojave back in June with a number of features including redesigned Mac App Store, dark mode and more.

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The macOS Mojave comes with Dark Mode that can switch windows and backgrounds to a dark design and light text. It now automatically your desktop files by kind, date or tag using stacks. So, it can clean your messy desktop into piles of files with a click. It now features continuity camera where you can scan a photo using iPhone’s camera and it will be available on your Mac. Safari got bunch of new updates. You can create voice memos and access audio clips from your iPhone using iCloud.

There are many more things you can check the Mojave description page.

These are the devices that support macOS 10.14

  • Early 2015 MacBook or later
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Pro or later
  • Late 2012 iMac or later
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Air or later

If you want to update your device, search for Mojave in the macOS App Store app and download it. It is not yet available to all and update can take sometimes to be rolled out across all territories.