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7 Best Prank Apps for Android and iOS

best prank apps
best prank apps

Do you want to bring out your inner child and goofiness, but don’t know how to? Do you ever feel like having fun with your friends but in a different fashion? Have you ever thought about the ‘wickedly funny’ side of your smartphone?  Do you just feel like laughing around with your mates? Oh, then you have come to the right place for inspiration.

Build up your game with these best prank applications of all time; after all our mobiles could be evil too. In this article, we are listing some good prank apps for Android and iOS. This list also includes prank-calling apps.

Best Prank Apps

Here is the list of best prank apps that you can try for fun. But do not use these to torture, someone. One can take legal action if they feel offended.

1. Crack & Break It

prank app

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to convince your friends that they broke your phone’s screen? This is the perfect screen prank that you could pull out on your friends. It adds cracks and breaks on your phone’s screen which appear so real that anyone’s gut would wrench.

Nothing is more terrifying than breaking someone’s phone, is it? Moreover, the breaks and cracks have amazing sound effects and this app supports multi-touch.  Interestingly, as it seems, this application is also a great stress buster, so what is more that you need?

If you have ever dreamt of breaking glasses and windows then this app is just for you and it’s FREE.

Download From: iOS  |  Android

2. Fake Call Plus

fake prank call app

Get out of awkward situations, impress your friends, and prank your foes with this application. It is the best application for faking an incoming call from your boss, your partner, or even a celebrity just at the click of a button. Import your favorite audio as a ringtone, or use the built-in ringtones; it is up to you.  Goof around with your friends with the help of this awesome prank calling application, because who expects a call from Donald Trump? At least I don’t. If you want a good prank calling app for iOS, download this one.

P.S:- It’s for free!

Download for: iOS

3. Fake GPS-Change GPS

face gps prank apps

I know Mars would have been a great idea, but for now, let’s just keep it till California. This is one of the best GPS faking/changing applications which allows you to change your current GPS location. What’s even better that it lets you share your picture and then save your location for future use.  Prank your relatives and friends by making them believe that you’re on a world tour; just sign up and you are set to go anywhere, London, Paris, New York; just name it buddy!

One thing that has to be kept in mind regarding this application is that it is only for iOS users, but similar applications are also available on android’s play store.

Download for: iOS

This app is not available for Android. Here are two similar Apps on Playstore: Android1  |  Android2

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4. Voice changer prank recorder

call prank apps

If you want to speak like a man, then go for it; if you like to speak like a robot; then also go for it.

This is a super cool application that lets you change your voice in fun and amazing ways, and guess what? It is for free.  Astonishingly, there are dozens of hilarious sound effects that you can use to fool your friends with. The most interesting part of this application is its ratings and reviews.  With a rating of 4.6 and commendable reviews, this application comes under the category of ‘top entertainment applications’.

Download for: iOS Android

5. Lie detector prank app

lie detector apps

Before I start telling you all about how awesome this application is, please know that it is solely for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true lie detecting or scanning functionality.

So, if you want to trick your friends and family and see if they can pass a lie-detecting test, then this application is your one-stop app. What’s interesting about this app is that you can either rig the results or let them occur randomly.  So let the lies spill out, or the truth. Who knows?

Download for: iOS  |  Android

6. Fart sounds prank app

fart prank app

As the name suggests this app contains fart sounds of different kinds which you can listen to or you can prank anyone with it using the timer. If you are getting bored or want some fun then install this app and do pranks on others.

Download for: Android

7. Razor Prank

Razor prank app

This is the funny app that is used for mimics a hair trimmer/clipper/razor with your smartphone. You can have fun with your family and friends by pranking them with this Razor app. This is a very realistic prank app that simulates a real hair trimmer, clipper, or shaver.

Download for: Android

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So, it is 2021 and you have to pull up your pranks with these good prank apps to keep up with changing times, and keep fooling around with your friends and family, because why not?

Be it 1st April or not, you are always allowed to have fun.