Xiaomi Launches a Smart Trash Bin

Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin

Xiaomi has launched another interesting product and increased its portfolio of smart home appliances. It has launched a new Smart Trash Bin as a part of its Youpin crowdfunding platform.

As the name suggest, it comes with smart features. The primary smart feature of this trash bin is its lid that opens automatically using induction. The rod has smart sensor that detects the human hand or other approaching objects within a distance of 0-35cm. When it senses anything approaching towards it, the lid swings open. So, you won’t need to touch it.

Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin

The lid of the bin is airtight to effectively block odor. It also ensures that there are no flies or bugs around. It can also automatically pack the waste when it is full and replace the waste bag when the old one is removed.

As other Xiaomi products, it also looks good and come with a minimal elegant design. The trash bin is 40cm high and has a capacity of 15.5 Later. The trash bin weighs 3.5 KG.

It is priced at 199 yuan and is now available on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.

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