Apple Announces iOS 12

iOS 12
iOS 12


At WWDC developer conference, Apple has announced the next version of iOS. The iOS 12 aims to improve performance and will be available to all devices currently supporting iOS 11.

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi talked about iOS 12 on iPhone 6 Plus. He claims that apps launch was measured to be 40% faster and opening the camera was 70 percent faster.

He also confirmed that 81% of iOS users are on latest iOS 11. If you compare this with Android, only 6% of Android users are on latest version.

Apple has also created a new file format for augmented reality. The company calls it USDZ. Adobe has also confirmed that its apps will support this new file format.

Apple has also launched an app to educate people about augmented reality. The new app is Measure and works similar to MeasureKit.

Apple has also updated ARKit and added multiplayer augmented reality. Lego’s Martin Sanders also showed off an AR experience for a Lego kit. He demonstrated how you can use iPad at a Lego set to add virtual buildings and objects, and recreate a tiny little city.

Apple is also redesigning Apple News and the Stocks app. Apple will be adding a new sidebar in the News app for improved navigation. Sick apps will offer share prices, headlines, after-hour pricing. The Stocks app will also be available for iPad.

Apple is also renaming iBooks to Apple Books and making some visual changes. Apple is also adding audio books here and removing them from Music app. The Voice Memo app will also see some visual changes and get iCloud support to sync your recordings across all devices. Voice memo will also be coming to iPad.

Apple is also adding support for third-party navigation apps in CarPlay.

Apple has also introduced smarter notifications and do not disturb improvements. If you have activated Do Not Disturb, it will not show you notifications if you open phone at night just to check the time or anything else. You can also add specific time duration to active it or leave it on until you leave an area.

Apple is also adding grouped notifications. So, multiple notification from same app will get bundled together into one entry.

Apple is also adding tongue detection ability in Animoji. You can also personalise your own “memoji”. Apple is copying this from Snap’s Bitmoji or Xbox avatars. You can create your avatar, add accessories and change clothes.

Group calls feature is also coming to FaceTime. A group can be as large as 32 people. You can now switch from an iMessage conversation to a video chat without having to open another app.

Apple has also added new camera effects that work a bit like Instagram’s or Messenger’s filters.