YouTube Starts Testing Incognito Mode on its Android App


We all know about Chrome’s Incognito mode that lets us browse the web without leaving the traces on browsing history. Now YouTube is also testing the same thing to give users an option to browse videos privately.

As per reports, YouTube has started testing the Incognito mode that will not record any search or browsing history of user.

Before this option, users could manually turn off the options to pause watch and search history. Signing out of the YouTube is also an option. They could also browse YouTube in browser’s incognito mode. But the new incognito mode on app will make things easier.

App has added the option to turn this mode on in the menu. For now, the option is only available to selected number of users. See the screenshot below.

When browsing in Incognito mode, an icon will be shown at the top right of the app. There will also be a notification at the footer.

I checked in several devices but I don’t see this option. Few users have claimed to see the option. You can also check if you are the lucky one included in the test group of people.

We are trying to know more about this feature and will update once we have anything interesting to share.