Hitman: Definitive Edition Announced; Coming This May

Hitman: Definitive Edition
Hitman: Definitive Edition

One of the best games of 2016, Hitman is getting its second edition soon. Hitman: Definitive Edition will be launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 15 this year.

For this game, Warner Bros Jas partnered with IO Interactive. The deal includes all of the content from the game’s first season, as well as new cosmetic items.

Hitman: Definitive Edition will feature IO Interactive’s 20th Anniversary Outfit Bundle. So, there will be three new outfits inspired by Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas. It will also have seven exotic locations from the first season, four missions from the Patient Zero Campaign, three themed Escalation Contracts that unlock three unique weapons, as well as the Clown Suit, Cowboy Suit and Raven Suit from the recent Game of the Year Edition digital release.

The game will also come with all featured Contracts, Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and game updates from HITMAN™ Season One and the HITMAN™ Game of the Year Edition.

There will also be add-on content that will not come pre-loaded on the HITMAN: Definitive Edition disc. You need to have an active internet connection to download and access that content.

The game was previously owned by Square Enix but IO Interactive purchased the rights from Japanese publishers. Now they The game will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros.

Pricing of the game will be announced at the time of launch.


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