SmartOwner makes Indian real estate an effortless investment

Smart owner
Smart owner

Property is the most popular asset class in India. People invest big amounts on flats, plots and undeveloped land in the hope of a good return. While there is a degree of uncertainty in any real estate investment, this does not mean that property isn’t a good investment. In fact, a comprehensive look at the market will indicate that now is the best time to invest in properties.

The Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) has brought positive changes to the real estate market, boosting buyer’s confidence. RERA specifies that, for 5 years after handing over the apartment, the developer is liable to repair any structural defects. RERA also ensures better quality material in development, as well as that projects will be completed in time via a series of penalties for delays. Accordingly, it reduces the risk involved in property investment. RERA is just one reason 2018 is an excellent time for making a property investment.

Property investment is a big segment in India, but it has traditionally been the purview of people who have ample funds to invest, as well as ample knowledge about a given property market. Accordingly, people who do not have much money or real estate expertise have not been able to enjoy the benefit of real estate’s high returns.

However, one pioneering firm is revolutionizing the industry. SmartOwner, India’s largest property marketplace, uses a combination of deep domain expertise and an aggressive application of technology to make real estate a secure and effortless investment. The working process of SmartOwner is unparalleled in Indian real estate, and they allow property investments for as low as 10 lakhs. People can invest flexible amounts on multiple properties, creating a robust property portfolio over time and making real estate similar to simply participating in the stock market. On top of this, SmartOwner takes of legal, financial, and project-specific due diligence to ensure every offering is a safe investment.

SmartOwner has strict criteria for each listing it offers for investment, with each deal needing to pass a rigorous 72-point checklist. SmartOwner also takes a board seat on the development itself, in order to ensure that their client’s funds are being used in the right manner.

SmartOwner then passes on these exclusive deals to their clients. They exit these projects within 2-5 years, a relatively short timeframe for a real estate investment.  As an investor with SmartOwner, you just need to select the project, and make an investment. You will have peace of mind while seeing your money grow.

The company has been ranked among FT’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia, and shows no signs of slowing down. SmartOwner even claims to have an 80% reinvestment rate, which shows that the company is successful in making property investment an attractive and effortless experience.

SmartOwner wants everyone to be able to benefit from the massive Indian property market this market. This is the reason I really found SmartOwner interesting. They are revolutionizing property investment and making it easier for everyone to become a property investor without leaving their desk. For those looking to profit from Indian real estate, I recommend SmartOwner as a perfect place to start.