Instagram Introduces Text Only Stories

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Instagram has added another interesting thing to make its Stories more popular. The company has now introduces a new “Type” mode in stories. So, you can share anything with creative text styles and backgrounds.

To add a text only story, open the Camera and you will see “Type” next to “Normal” under the record button. Tap “Type” and start writing the text you want to add as story. At the top, you will also see an option to change the text style. You can also pick different background colors or add a background photo.

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Instagram Introduces Text Only Stories

It is helpful for many people who just want to share thoughts in place of photos and videos. I have also seen many people who first create a photo with text written on plain background and then share it as stories.

Instagram team is really active and they are constantly pushing updates to give users more option to use. This has also helped the app in engaging users and achieving better average active time.

Are you interesting in using text only stories on Instagram? Let us know your views about this in the comments.


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